Our natural and organic products



For us it is extremely important that our products should be natural and of high quality, only made of natural vegetal ingredients, and whenever possible organic. 

When we say "natural", it's not marketing, we really mean it: All our products are made of 97,8% up to 100% of natural ingredients. All products are free of parabens, silicons, phtalates, aluminiums, conservants and SLS. The wax of our candles is of 100% pure soy-wax, a natural, clean and non-toxic wax. The wick is of organic cotton. 

We also pay a lot of attention to our packaging and try to make it as eco-friendly as possible. With few exceptions, all our bottles are in glass. The few plastic bottles (for the shower) are in recyclable PET. Therefore, we invite you to recycle the bottles by reusing them at home, or by giving them to recycling when sorting your garbage. Moreover, we avoid unnecessary additional packaging such as boxes, etc. Last but not least, our products are never tested on animals.