Our story and our values


If you come to Provence, you will see it: Provence is a blessed place, where olive trees, almonds, apricots, lavender, rosemary, sage, and so many more of the best natural beauty ingredients grow freely and with profusion. It is a nature wonder, a fantastic herbal garden and it has been so since the Roman times.

Le Secret de Manon founders Olivia and Thomas decided to leave the rush of big cities to settle with their children in Provence. For Olivia, it meant coming back to Provence, where she grew up, after 17 years abroad.

In those 17 years, many things had changed, not always for the best. It is getting increasingly difficult to find artisan-produced goods. Traditional ways of producing are pushed away by industrial products, marketed as "made in Provence".  

On the other hand, there is a growing community of passionate people willing to revive old know-how, develop organic agriculture and wanting to make products that are authentic, natural and simple. Not the "marketing Provence", but the real one. In this spirit Le Secret de Manon was born.

Our principles are:

§ We select natural and organic ingredients to develop beauty, body care and home care products based on ancient local traditions and techniques.

§ Our creations awaken childhood memories and especially our scents transport us back into old times.

§ We are a small business and we work with a community of artisans who locally make - in small batches and with lots of love - the different products of our range.

§ Our formulas are simple, all-natural and with a lot of authenticity.

§ The pleasure of using our products, including the powerful effects of scents on our minds, is another important principle.

§ We want our packaging to be simple and sustainable. We believe the world is better with less plastic.